Private Law southeast Sulawesi Governor Active Involved in the Development of the Palu SEZ

 PALU, 27 FEBRUARY 2016 – The provincial government of Central Sulawesi (Sulawesi) is optimistic able to speed up Special Economic Zones (SEZ) Palu. That effort realized by involving the private sector to actively support the acceleration of KEK Palu.
“In fact I am very optimistic that in 2017, President Jokowi will be present in Central Sulawesi to inaugurate KEK Palu,” said the Governor of Central Sulawesi Longki Djanggola after a coordination meeting Provincial Government of Palu, the Zone Council KEK Central Sulawesi, and the Secretariat of the National Council KEK, in the Office of the Governor of Central Sulawesi, in Palu, Saturday (27/02/2016).
He said, optimistic form is implemented by providing full support to the Zone Council KEK Central Sulawesi to carry out their duties optimally. Among them, allocate local budgets for two years to build some buildings and roads and infrastructure in the SEZ area Palu.
Although financing for land acquisition of about 74 hectares (ha), continued Longki, derived from Palu City Government but plans to actively provide serious support. The point, says Longki, it gives full support in the form of policies that accelerate the implementation of Palu KEK.
“It means that we are serious about supporting KEK Palu. Because we see how important it is for development of SEZ Palu of Central Sulawesi in the future, “he explained.

Developments Investors
Recent data KEK Central Sulawesi Region Council noted, until now there are two positive investor will invest in the region Palu KEK. First, Shenniu Mining Indonesia engaged in the manufacturing of nickel (a ferronickel smelter and metallurgy), with an estimated investment of US $ 100 million.
Secondly, PT Mineco Indonesia as the holding of PT Putra Investama Maleo, with an investment of US $ 50 million for land acquisition. Holding this will invite eight tenants to invest in the KEK Palu district, with an investment value amounting to Rp 100 billion.
“So in total, the investment value of 8 tenants will be brought into Palu KEK at Rp 800 billion,” said Palu KEK Investment Consultant Leo Chandra, who are also shareholders holding PT Mineco Indonesia.
He added that the sectors investing 8 tenants that consists of the first, concrete iron and zinc industry. Second, the food and beverage packaging industry. Thirdly, the alcoholic beverage industry and methanol. Fourth, base metal smelters and precious metals. And fifth, the cable industry.
In accordance Planning Meanwhile, Secretary of the National Council of SEZ Enoh Pranoto Suharto explained, the main problems of each SEZ in Indonesia is the land issue. Therefore, it is needed the full support of the provincial government and all other concerned parties to realize the implementation of the SEZ has been established in the area.
Related optimistic Provincial Government on development of SEZ Palu, Central Sulawesi, Enoh welcomes and encourages optimism is realized with a comprehensive synergy between all relevant stakeholders.
“As a proponent KEK Palu, Central Sulawesi Provincial Government and the City of Palu, must immediately complete the development master Palu KEK. So that every tenant who will invest in the region can be well controlled. So that the designation of the land is in the area of ​​Palu KEK according to plan early to expect, “he explained. According to him, the involvement of the private sector actively in the development of SEZ Palu can be done by paying attention to the legislation in force, in particular with the scheme of the Public Private Partnership (PPP). So that the function and role of private sector in development of SEZ Palu legally defensible and can be an example for other SEZs throughout Indonesia.
“In principle, the National Council of the SEZ will provide optimal support for each SEZ related administration, assistance, legal rules and regulations. The goal, for each SEZ has been established can provide an optimal contribution to the local and national economy in general, “said Enoh.