Mayor of Palu, Palu SEZ Operating Ensure Timely


JAKARTA, April 9th 2016 – Governor of Central Sulawesi Longki Djanggola along with Secretary of National Council for Special Economic Zones (SEZ) Enoh Suharto Pranoto and Vice Chairman of the Executive Team of the National Council for SEZ Budi Santoso discuss about the completion of Palu SEZ, Central Sulawesi. Various preparation and anticipation issues need to be resolved soon.

“We continuously discuss about the completion of Palu SEZ to reach target by May 2017.” Governor said after the intensive talk with National Council for SEZ in Jakarta, April 9.

According to him, he continues to coordinate with various stakeholders such as the Ministry of Industry for the construction of roads in the area, 2 km long with investment value IDR 75 billion and with the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) for the acceleration of decentralized authority to the administrator.

“We will ensure that land acquisition can be finalized soon so Ministry of Industry could start their work on road construction in the area. We will continue to strive in order to achieve optimal target of Palu SEZ,” said Longki.

Furthermore, the Governor expressed his readiness to support the entire licensing process that will be needed by investors to accelerate the implementation of the Palu SEZ.

“We are also ready to assist the acceleration of the principal license which will be issued by BKPM. Palu SEZ can bring enormous benefit and development of the people of Central Sulawesi and Indonesia in general, ” said Longki.

National Council’s Expectation

Along with Governor of Central Sulawesi’s opinion, Enoh Suharto remind the Provincial Government of Central Sulawesi to maximize funding from the Ministry of Industry to build roads in Palu SEZ area. In addition, National Council also encourages the acceleration of land acquisition so Palu SEZ can be soon marketed to investors.

“Currently, SEZ development throughout Indonesia is very interesting. Especially with full support from central government, targeting the massive construction of SEZ throughout Indonesia, “said Enoh.

Enoh added, the main problems of each SEZ in Indonesia is land issues. Therefore, it needs full support from related provincial government and other parties to work together for the implementation of SEZ that has been established in their area.

Enoh also welcomes and appreciates Provincial Government of Central Sulawesi’s optimism for the development of Palu SEZ. He also encourages comprehensive synergy between all stakeholders.

“As a proponent of Palu SEZ, Provincial Government of Central Sulawesi and City Government of Palu must immediately complete the master plan of Palu SEZ. So that every tenant who will invest in the area can be controlled according to the master plan,” he explained.

Investor Development

Data from Council of Central Sulawesi SEZ is shown, until today there are two investors who will invest in the Palu SEZ area.


First, Shenniu Mining Indonesia, focused in nickel manufacturing (a ferronickel smelter and metallurgy), with an estimated investment of US $ 100 million.


Second, PT Mineco Indonesia as holding company of PT Putra Investama Maleo, with an estimated investment of US $ 50 million for land acquisition. This company will invite eight other tenants to invest in the Palu SEZ area, with investment value reach IDR 100 billion. Those 8 tenant industries are concrete iron and zinc industry; food and beverage packaging industry; alcoholic beverage industry and methanol; base metal and precious metals smelters; and cable industry.