Vision and Mission

The National Council for Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has been founded in order to implement Special Economic Zones development policy through the Presidential Decree No. 8/2010. The Vision and Misson of the National Council are as follows:


The establishment of effective and sustainable Special Economic Zones


  1. Provide technical support in drafting rules and regulations, as well as technical and operational guidelines to speed up the implementation of the Special Economic Zones
  2. Provide technical support in the preparation of Special Economiz Zones policy implementation
  3. Develop a transparent and accountable information system on the implementation of Special Economic Zones
  4. Facilitate discussions and negotiations between Special Economic Zones and business entities.

Goal and Objectives of National Council Secretariat for SEZ

 Goal : National Council Secretariat functions as a supporting role for the National Council and the Implemention Team of the National Council
Objective: 1. Well delivered of tasks and functions of the National Council Secretariat2. High commitment from officers and staff within the National Council Secretariat

3. Ready to input and direct program organisations