National Council for Special Economic Zone

The National Council for SEZ was established to support the development of Indonesia SEZ and have responsibilities directly to the President. The National Council Chaired is by the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Council and consists of ministers and heads of various governmental institutions including ministries of home affairs, finance, industry, public works, trade, transportation, labor, national development planning, and coordination of investment.  National Council for SEZ was established through Presidential Decree No. 8 of 2010 with following tasks and responsibilities :

  1. Prepare the National Master Plan for Special Economic Zones (SEZ);
  2. Establish a general policy and strategic steps to accelerate the formation and development of SEZ;
  3. Establish minimum standards of infrastructure and services in the SEZ;
  4. Review and evaluate SEZ proposals ;
  5. Recommend the establishment of SEZ;
  6. Review and recommend potential development for underdeveloped regions/ province;
  7. Finalize strategic issues in the implementation, management, and development of SEZ; and
  8. Monitor and evaluate the sustainability of SEZ and report evaluation results to the President, including propose revocation of SEZ.

In accordance with the Presidential Decree, the members of the National Council of SEZ are as follows:

Chairman and Member: Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs;

Member :

1. Minister of Finance;
2. Minister of Trade;
3. Minister of Industry;
4. Minister of the Domestic Affairs;
5. Minister of Public Works;
6. Minister of Transportation;
7. Minister of Manpower and Transmigration;
8. Minister of National Development Planning
9. Head of the Investment Coordinating Board