The groundbreaking Inauguration Development Resort in Tanjung Kelayang SEZ

Tanjung Pandan

TANJUNG PANDAN, 2 SEPTEMBER 2016 – Minister of Tourism inaugurated the groundbreaking (groundbreaking) resort development (Captain House) Special Economic Zones (SEZ) Tanjung Kelayang located in the village of Tanjung Binga, Sijuk, Belitung, Friday (2/9). The ceremony begins with the planting of trees, which was attended by representatives from several relevant ministries, the Ambassador of Oman, Venezuela, Turkey, Sweden, Italy, Armenia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Governor of Bangka Belitung, Belitung Regent, traditional figure, and religious figures ,

Inauguration groundbreaking resort development of Special Economic Zones (SEZ) Tanjung Kelayang, in the village of Tanjung Binga, make some form of commitment proposer PT. Belitung Beach Intan with the Central Government and Local Government to develop the first phase of the SEZ.

Goverment of Bangka Belitung, Rustam Effendi gave a speech that SEZ  is one of the real work to raise 20 million foreign tourists in 2019. This could be a pillar of regional development that is environmentally friendly and can shift the position of the oil and natural gas in foreign exchange earner in Indonesia , Support infrastructure such as the extension of the runway, widening of roads, increase electricity capacity, and the water is also needed for the development of SEZ.

In his speech, Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya also declared that the construction of the Tanjung Kelayang SEZ  very quickly realized thanks to the good cooperation between the central government, the Provincial Government of Bangka Belitung Islands, and the District Government Belitung. “Tanjung Kelayang is the first and the fastest” SEZ due within five months have been groundbreaking” said Arief Yahya.

Arief Yahya also said that the Minister of Transport met this morning, Friday (2/9) at the airport H.A.S Hanandjoeddin, this year will operationalize the Pacific Islands International Airport with a direct flight. The development of the international airport was originally planned in 2018, but moved forward to achieve the target of 500 thousand tourists in 2019. This value means the accumulated able to bring in foreign exchange amounted to U $ 600 million (Rp 10 trillion) is expected to improve the welfare of tourism in Belitung.

The event was followed by the signing of two memorandums of understanding (Memorandum of Understanding / MoU). First, the MoU between the Government of Bangka Belitung province with the State Savings Bank (BTN) is ready to invest in the construction of homestay around SEZ. Second, the MoU between PT. Belitung as Intan Beach Enterprises Builders and business Tanjung Kelayang SEZ with Belitung regency government’s agreement for the construction and management of Tanjung Kelayang SEZ. In addition, the guests entertained with a dance Zapin, a video presentation of Muscat Jewel, Malay song, and Schooling Fish Dance presented by Youth Belitung.

Construction of SEZ over an area of ​​324.4 ha is planned to develop the concept of tourism is environmentally sustainable. The first stage, the proponent will make the development an area of ​​35.9 hectares consisting of the construction of Captain House (9.43 Ha), Sirna City Majapahit (25.38 Ha), infrastructure such as access entrance, water, electricity, land allocation and preparation for residency in cooperation with investors. At the next stage will be built some facilities are entirely international tourism, such as Lake Residential, Equestrian Resort Villas, Organic Gardening and Homestay, Beach Resort, and the commercial area (Waste Treatment Plant, Solar Farm, and the department manager’s office). The investment plans of developers to the development of the region amounted to Rp 1.5 trillion and is expected to attract investment of up to Rp 20 trillion in 2025. [AN]

Mayor of Palu, Palu SEZ Operating Ensure Timely


JAKARTA, April 9th 2016 – Governor of Central Sulawesi Longki Djanggola along with Secretary of National Council for Special Economic Zones (SEZ) Enoh Suharto Pranoto and Vice Chairman of the Executive Team of the National Council for SEZ Budi Santoso discuss about the completion of Palu SEZ, Central Sulawesi. Various preparation and anticipation issues need to be resolved soon.

“We continuously discuss about the completion of Palu SEZ to reach target by May 2017.” Governor said after the intensive talk with National Council for SEZ in Jakarta, April 9.

According to him, he continues to coordinate with various stakeholders such as the Ministry of Industry for the construction of roads in the area, 2 km long with investment value IDR 75 billion and with the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) for the acceleration of decentralized authority to the administrator.

“We will ensure that land acquisition can be finalized soon so Ministry of Industry could start their work on road construction in the area. We will continue to strive in order to achieve optimal target of Palu SEZ,” said Longki.

Furthermore, the Governor expressed his readiness to support the entire licensing process that will be needed by investors to accelerate the implementation of the Palu SEZ.

“We are also ready to assist the acceleration of the principal license which will be issued by BKPM. Palu SEZ can bring enormous benefit and development of the people of Central Sulawesi and Indonesia in general, ” said Longki.

National Council’s Expectation

Along with Governor of Central Sulawesi’s opinion, Enoh Suharto remind the Provincial Government of Central Sulawesi to maximize funding from the Ministry of Industry to build roads in Palu SEZ area. In addition, National Council also encourages the acceleration of land acquisition so Palu SEZ can be soon marketed to investors.

“Currently, SEZ development throughout Indonesia is very interesting. Especially with full support from central government, targeting the massive construction of SEZ throughout Indonesia, “said Enoh.

Enoh added, the main problems of each SEZ in Indonesia is land issues. Therefore, it needs full support from related provincial government and other parties to work together for the implementation of SEZ that has been established in their area.

Enoh also welcomes and appreciates Provincial Government of Central Sulawesi’s optimism for the development of Palu SEZ. He also encourages comprehensive synergy between all stakeholders.

“As a proponent of Palu SEZ, Provincial Government of Central Sulawesi and City Government of Palu must immediately complete the master plan of Palu SEZ. So that every tenant who will invest in the area can be controlled according to the master plan,” he explained.

Investor Development

Data from Council of Central Sulawesi SEZ is shown, until today there are two investors who will invest in the Palu SEZ area.


First, Shenniu Mining Indonesia, focused in nickel manufacturing (a ferronickel smelter and metallurgy), with an estimated investment of US $ 100 million.


Second, PT Mineco Indonesia as holding company of PT Putra Investama Maleo, with an estimated investment of US $ 50 million for land acquisition. This company will invite eight other tenants to invest in the Palu SEZ area, with investment value reach IDR 100 billion. Those 8 tenant industries are concrete iron and zinc industry; food and beverage packaging industry; alcoholic beverage industry and methanol; base metal and precious metals smelters; and cable industry.

Government Official Set Special Economic Zones Tanjung Kelayang, Belitung

JAKARTA, 23 MARCH 2016 – After the National Council for Special Economic Zones approved the proposed Establishment of Special Economic Zones Tanjung Kelayang, Belitung, Bangka Belitung province, the government has officially set into a Special Economic Zone 9th through Government Regulation No. 6 of 2016 concerning  Tanjung Kelayang SEZ on March 15, 2016.

SEZ with tourism zone has maritime tourist attraction with exotic white sand beaches coupled with the small islands located in the vicinity as a tourism destination. SEZ is planning to develop the concept of tourism is environmentally sustainable. This was conveyed by the Secretary of the National Council for Special Economic Zones, Enoh Suharto Pranoto in a press release in Jakarta on Wednesday (March 23, 2016)


“Special Economic Zones Tanjung Kelayang located in the district of Flowers, will be developed on an area of 324.4 ha with an investment plan for the development of the area up to 1.5 trillion ‘,” said Enoch. Tanjung Kelayang SEZ alone is expected to attract tourists to more than 58 thousand people per year. In addition it is expected to attract investment of up to Rp 20 trillion in 2025, and create new jobs for 23 645 people in 2022, added Enoh.
KEK should be ready for operation later than 3 (three) years since established through government regulation. PT Belitung Beach Intan as proposer and will be set into enterprises builder and manager by Regent Pacific Islands, is expected to soon do the physical development in the region, including preparation of the land, the construction of roads, office facilities, and other supporting infrastructure, so that by 2019 was ready to operate ,

SEZ 9th

With the enactment of  Tanjung Kelayang SEZ, increasing the number of SEZs in Indonesia to 9 SEZ, after  Tanjung Lesung SEZ in Banten Province. Second,  Sei Mangkei SEZ in the province of North Sumatra. Thirdly, the Palu SEZ in Central Sulawesi. Fourth,  Bitung SEZ in North Sulawesi province. Fifth, Tanjung Api-Api SEZ in South Sumatra. Sixth,  Mandalika SEZ in West Nusa Tenggara.  seventh Morotai  SEZ in North Maluku. And eighth  Maloy Batuta Trans Kalimantan SEZ in East Kalimantan.

In addition to being a Special Economic Zone, the Ministry of Tourism has also set Tanjung Kelayang as one of the 10 National Priority Tourism Destinations. Enoh added, “With the enactment of Tanjung Kelayang SEZ, is expected to accelerate economic growth and create new job opportunities for the people of Belitung, and created new centers of economic activity in the context of equitable development outside Java,” concludes Enoh.

Batam, From the Free Trade Zone and Free Port of Being a Special Economic Zone


BATAM, 14 MARCH 2016 – “We want a thorough settlement of about Batam. Many countries learn from Batam, Batam they managed but instead missed, “Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Nasution. On this day, Monday (14/3), the government to socialize the development of Batam Island neighborhood. The steps taken by the government is doing transformation on Batam, which is now a free trade zone and free port, will be converted into Special Economic Zones (SEZ).
Keep in mind, the President has set a Presidential Decree (Decree) No. 8 of 2016 on the Zone Council MOOPS Feberuari Batam on November 29, 2016. In the decree, among others, stated that the determination of the Council Region Establishment MOOPS Batam chaired by the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs (also a member) with members: the Minister of Interior, Minister of Justice and Human Rights, the Minister of Finance, Minister of Trade, Minister of Agricultural and Spatial Planning / Head of National Land Agency, Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces, Chief of the Indonesian National Police, the Cabinet Secretary, Riau Islands Governor, Mayor Batam, and Chairman of the DPRD Riau Islands Province.
The birth of this decree also simultaneously repeal Presidential Decree No. 18 Year 2013 regarding the establishment of the Council Region MOOPS Batam. The transformation of Batam necessary because in fact, the problem in Batam has accumulated a long and protracted. “Therefore, the completion of the pattern of business as usual will not be able to improve the competitiveness of Batam as a center of economy who’ve excelled in the region,” Nasution said.

Batam declining competitiveness
As is known, externally, there has been a decline in competitiveness in the region. The concept of a free trade area or FreeTrade Zone (FTZ) has been abandoned by the countries in the East Asia region and Southeast Asia. Along with globalization and the development of inter-state cooperation in the region, the regional tendency now is to develop the SEZ (Special Economic Zone) or, for more specific trade interests, develop the EPZ (Export Processing Zone) or Bonded Logistic Center. Other countries that had once learned from Batam, this time it grows better. Take for example the Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) in Malaysia, which was established in late 2006, already far left Batam which has been established since more than 40 years ago. Alternatively, a special economic zone of Shenzhen in China which accounted for 75% of revenue Shenzen region amounted to US $ 114.5 billion and the per capita income of US $ 13.200.
As internally, a decline in competitiveness due to several things, ranging from the duality of governance in the region between the city authorities and the Management Board (BP) Batam, vertical dualism responsibility BP Batam to Zone Council and the Minister of Finance, to the population explosion smuggling. Dualism management of the region led to Batam uncompetitive because of licensing becomes sluggish, overlapping land management, legal certainty for investors by providing infrastructure which do not meet international standards.
Socialization Batam island area development is done today encompasses three stages. The first phase, from morning until noon, the government to disseminate the elements of regional governments. The second phase, from noon until late afternoon, socializing with elements of business and area managers. And the third stage, at night, to be disseminated to investors.
Changes into Batam SEZ will be through a transition phase. This transition phase, which will be replacing the board of the old Batam Management Agency. After that, the new board will perform asset identification, management cooperation with investors, improvement of roles and responsibilities with the Batam administration, as well as to prepare for future regional development strategies. All of this transition process is expected to be completed in 3-6 months.

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Private Law southeast Sulawesi Governor Active Involved in the Development of the Palu SEZ

 PALU, 27 FEBRUARY 2016 – The provincial government of Central Sulawesi (Sulawesi) is optimistic able to speed up Special Economic Zones (SEZ) Palu. That effort realized by involving the private sector to actively support the acceleration of KEK Palu.
“In fact I am very optimistic that in 2017, President Jokowi will be present in Central Sulawesi to inaugurate KEK Palu,” said the Governor of Central Sulawesi Longki Djanggola after a coordination meeting Provincial Government of Palu, the Zone Council KEK Central Sulawesi, and the Secretariat of the National Council KEK, in the Office of the Governor of Central Sulawesi, in Palu, Saturday (27/02/2016).
He said, optimistic form is implemented by providing full support to the Zone Council KEK Central Sulawesi to carry out their duties optimally. Among them, allocate local budgets for two years to build some buildings and roads and infrastructure in the SEZ area Palu.
Although financing for land acquisition of about 74 hectares (ha), continued Longki, derived from Palu City Government but plans to actively provide serious support. The point, says Longki, it gives full support in the form of policies that accelerate the implementation of Palu KEK.
“It means that we are serious about supporting KEK Palu. Because we see how important it is for development of SEZ Palu of Central Sulawesi in the future, “he explained.

Developments Investors
Recent data KEK Central Sulawesi Region Council noted, until now there are two positive investor will invest in the region Palu KEK. First, Shenniu Mining Indonesia engaged in the manufacturing of nickel (a ferronickel smelter and metallurgy), with an estimated investment of US $ 100 million.
Secondly, PT Mineco Indonesia as the holding of PT Putra Investama Maleo, with an investment of US $ 50 million for land acquisition. Holding this will invite eight tenants to invest in the KEK Palu district, with an investment value amounting to Rp 100 billion.
“So in total, the investment value of 8 tenants will be brought into Palu KEK at Rp 800 billion,” said Palu KEK Investment Consultant Leo Chandra, who are also shareholders holding PT Mineco Indonesia.
He added that the sectors investing 8 tenants that consists of the first, concrete iron and zinc industry. Second, the food and beverage packaging industry. Thirdly, the alcoholic beverage industry and methanol. Fourth, base metal smelters and precious metals. And fifth, the cable industry.
In accordance Planning Meanwhile, Secretary of the National Council of SEZ Enoh Pranoto Suharto explained, the main problems of each SEZ in Indonesia is the land issue. Therefore, it is needed the full support of the provincial government and all other concerned parties to realize the implementation of the SEZ has been established in the area.
Related optimistic Provincial Government on development of SEZ Palu, Central Sulawesi, Enoh welcomes and encourages optimism is realized with a comprehensive synergy between all relevant stakeholders.
“As a proponent KEK Palu, Central Sulawesi Provincial Government and the City of Palu, must immediately complete the development master Palu KEK. So that every tenant who will invest in the region can be well controlled. So that the designation of the land is in the area of ​​Palu KEK according to plan early to expect, “he explained. According to him, the involvement of the private sector actively in the development of SEZ Palu can be done by paying attention to the legislation in force, in particular with the scheme of the Public Private Partnership (PPP). So that the function and role of private sector in development of SEZ Palu legally defensible and can be an example for other SEZs throughout Indonesia.
“In principle, the National Council of the SEZ will provide optimal support for each SEZ related administration, assistance, legal rules and regulations. The goal, for each SEZ has been established can provide an optimal contribution to the local and national economy in general, “said Enoh.

Coordinating Minister for the Economy Visit Special Economic Zones Bitung

BITUNG, 26 FEBRUARI 2016  – Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Nasution arrived at the office administrator Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Bitung, Thursday, February 25, 2016. In Nasution His visit was accompanied by Acting Mayor Jhon Palandung Bitung, North Sulawesi Deputy Governor Steven Kandouw, former Deputy Mayor of Bitung Max Lomban and the entourage of the center including the National Council for Special Economic Zones. The delegation listened carefully percentage of North Sulawesi province Jenny Head of Trade and Industry Related Karouw Special Economic Zones Bitung.Upaya realize Bitung Port as an International Hub Sea Port (IHP), requires the existence of a comprehensive policy which should be implemented quickly. The policy covering at least the development of the port and supporting infrastructure, industry, development of export and import of commodities, logistics and human resource capacity building. IHP port development and infrastructure in Bitung should be accelerated to speed up trade connectivity node eastern Indonesia. 

Through Presidential Regulation No. 26/2012, the government has set as an International Hub Bitung Sea Port’s commercial interests in Eastern Indonesia, Ocean Going, and Transhipment across the Pacific Ocean region. 

“In the future need to be made logistics center bonded. There could be standardized and gradingnya for products to be exported. It is not enough just to develop the port, but also to follow the industry and others” said Economic Minister Nasution on “Dissemination Policy National Logistics System development “in Manado, North Sulawesi, on Thursday (25/2). 

Similarly, the Governor of North Sulawesi Olly Dondokambey confirmed it would fully support the development efforts of Bitung as IHP. “But we also expect central government support for the economic development of the North Sulawei,” said Olly.DSC_0153

 The “Socialization of Policy Development of the National Logistics System” organized by Ministry for Economic Affairs is charged, among others, exposure to material about the policy of increasing the competitiveness of export products of SMEs area, planning the development of the economic infrastructure of eastern Indonesia, facilitating ease of investment in Special Economic Zones (SEZ), policy development logistics and national connectivity and synergy logostik and state-owned trading countries in improving export competitiveness of imported products. 

In addition, there are activities Private Public Consultation (PPC) or clinics are filled by KPPBC Manado and Bitung, Baristand, BPOM, BKIPM, and the Ministry of Commerce. Silognas development in North Sulawesi has the support and commitment of the Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, the Ministry of Public Works Pera, and the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises.


Bangladesh Comparative Study SEZ in Indonesia

Delegates from Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA) conducted a study on the development of Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in Indonesia on January 25 to 29, 2016. In addition to meetings with the Secretariat of the National Council in Jakarta, the delegation also visited two BEZA has been operating ,Sei Mangkei SEZ and Tanjung Lesung SEZ. At the session, BEZA delegation led by the Ambassador of Bangladesh to Indonesia, was received by the Secretary of the National Council and Deputy Chair of the SEZ Executive Team National Council SEZ. Various things discussed in the meeting of which is the mechanism of inter-sectoral coordination in achieving SEZ, regulations related to land acquisition in SEZ, the division of responsibility for the development of infrastructure within and outside the SEZ as well as the mechanism of funding and facilities and incentives provided to investors and managers of SEZ , At the end of the meeting, delegation BEZA hopes for cooperation with the Government of Indonesia in the development of SEZs in the future.

 beza After the meeting is over, Beza delegation then visited Sei Mangkei SEZ to see firsthand the experience of the development of Sei Mangkei SEZ. Delegates accepted by Alexander Maha, Director of Planning, Development and Marketing of PT Perkebunan Nusantara III as business Sei Mangkei SEZ Also present were accompanied in the meeting was the Head Administrator Sei Mangkei  and representatives of the Secretariat of the Council of Regions.
Some issues of concern including the delegation Beza licensing procedures by the Administrator, the income from the management of SEZ, as well as the industrial sector developed at SEZ. According to Alex, SEZ Sei Mangkei developed on an area of about 2,000 ha of oil palm and rubber industry development as well as the derivatives industry.
To see Tourism SEZ development experience in Indonesia, Beza delegation visiting Tanjung Lesung SEZ in Banten Province. Delegates accepted Rully Lahasido, Director of PT Banten West Java Tanjung Lesung SEZ as a business. Also participated in assisting the Head Administrator Tanjung Lesung SEZ . Some of the things discussed in the meeting of which is land acquisition, licensing procedures by the Administrator, and investment promotion.
Rully explained about Tanjung Lesung SEZ development experience as well as future plans to attract investasi.Delegasi Beza who attended came from various agencies in Bangladesh are Petrobangla, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Land, Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority, Narayangonj, Sylhet, Prime Minister’s Office, and Cox’s Bazar. [RK]


Discussion Meeting Main activities of Special Economic Zones (SEZ)


Jakarta – In preparation for the implementation of the coordination meeting of the National Council for Special Economic Zones (SEZ), the Secretariat of the National Council meeting held a discussion KEK Main Events Special Economic Zones (SEZ) on Thursday, January 7, 2016 in Jakarta yesterday. Luky Eko Wuryanto, Deputy for the Acceleration of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Ministry for Economic Affairs in the directives while chairing the meeting said that the event was motivated by the issuance of Government Regulation (PP) No. 96 Year 2015 on facilities and Ease in Special Economic Zones.

Luky Eko who is also the Executive Chairman of the National Council explains, “The PP is actually at KEK facilities and conveniences that includes both (facilities) fiscal and non-fiscal. In the PP concerned is given the facilities and services for the business fields which are the main activity, as well as other activities “. Presented that there is a difference in the facilities given to the main activity and other activities. To that end, the National Council composed of relevant ministers and the Minister of Economy as Chairman of the Board needs to establish the main activities in the respective SEZ, he said (07/01).

The existence of PP Facilities and Ease in KEK who deliberated for hamipir 5 years and runs during the 3 CMEA, until finally appeared in the era of President Joko Widodo, an important point that gives the label “special” for KEK in Indonesia. Expected birth of PP is able to attract investment in large quantities, Rp 500 billion – Rp 1 trillion or more, to each SEZ. Thus, it hopes to encourage regional economic growth and economic SEZ locations nationwide.

Main Activity Focus

Secretary of the National Council of KEK, Suharto Pranoto Enoh explained that the Master Plan 8 locations KEK, has listed some of the activities or industrial information that will be developed in the respective KEK. Furthermore, he said, through this discussion is expected to achieve an agreement on the industrial sector will be the main activity of each SEZ proposals. Especially for the tourism-based SEZ, then the sector directly into the main activities of KEK Tourism.

The event runs meetings with the presentation of each of the stakeholders represented KEK KEK Zone Council (province), Administrator, Agency for business as well as institutions for support, the industry developed a number of activities in each location according to plan on the Masterplan and the progress of the construction and operation of SEZ. From the delivery of a number of representatives of KEK, there are locations with a focus on industrial firm, including KEK Sei Mangkei with palm oil processing industry and rubber processing industry, as well as KEK Morotai the fishery processing industry and the tourism industry. On the other hand, there is KEK with the proposed industrial activity is still widespread and needs to be the convergence of industries that become the main activity. Related to this is the Secretariat of the National Council to give time a week, especially for the Zone Council and the proposer organizations, to formulate the type of industry that will become a major activity in the SEZ territory.

Deputy Planning Penanan BKPM, Tamba Parulian Hutapea in the discussion session, adding that each SEZ in Indonesia should be thematic, so as to facilitate the formulation of a national strategy to support the KEK itself, for example the formulation of programs support the Ministry / LPNK to help the development of certain sectors corresponding main activities of KEK The. “We also future there will be more to be considered for support, say rubber industry examples, how the demand for electricity for industrial rubber and its derivatives. We must again lengthy discussion sheet, in order to be successful (industry) it “, he explained. Precisely when industrial activities are set too wide, would complicate the KEK stakeholders, such as when applying fiscal facility of the Ministry of Finance as well as efforts to obtain assistance from other ministries.

Penentun industry focus will be the main activity in the SEZ is very important, in addition to in order to follow Government Regulation No. 96 Year 2015 to determine the types of facilities and services that will be provided at kegaiatan primary as well as other activities in the respective KEK, also related to the national strategy in order regional development. Each SEZ is expected to create synergies between the economic activities of the surrounding area. Determination theme as anchor KEK industry will be competitive sector over a territory, and not to turn off the economic potential between provinces in a regional or island.

This meeting attended by the National Council Implementation Team consisting of officials of echelon I and II, the relevant ministries, as well as the Governor of North Maluku, Plt. North Sulawesi Governor also representatives of local government and business entities from 8 locations KEK.

As a follow-up meeting, the Secretariat of the National Council provides an opportunity until the second week Januri 2016 to the stakeholders for formulating the proposed SEZ area main industry SEZ territory will be decided in a coordination meeting of the National Council later. [FYH

Vice President JK Visit Mandalika SEZ


TEMPO.CO, Mataram – Vice President Jusuf Kalla visited the Special Economic Zones (SEZ) Mandalika which covers 1,035 hectares in Central Lombok West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). Area three times the size of Nusa Dua tourist area of ​​the future be able to accommodate 20 five-star hotel.

Mandalika SEZ is one among the eight SEZ has been set by the government. Three of them are tourism SEZ: Mandalika, Tanjung Dimples and Morotai. ITDC is a holding company that oversees state-owned company that will manage the region. During this time, there is already the Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC) in Nusa Dua, Bali.

At the same time, commencement of construction of the Pullman and Club Med owned by PT Indonesia or Indonesian Tourism Development Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC). Its location in Mandalika SEZ.

Director of ITDC Abdulbar M Mansoer explained to reporters the plan, Friday, December 11, 2015 afternoon in Mataram. ” This Pullman ITDC own investment, a five-star hotel, ” said Edwin Abdulbar together Development Director Darma Setiawan. Investment of Rp 400 billion, which is funding 30 percent done by ITDC. Break even point (break even) is estimated for eight years.

Three more hotels will be launched to accelerate the development of Mandalika are owned by Korean investors who have not obtained the operator organizer and Club Med – the exclusive French hotel worth Rp 1 trillion that has a network of 60 branches in the world. The other, to be built by the Blue Ocean Diva of the United States which has the concept of intercontinental and convention center. ” The concept of Mandalika right also to meet the needs of MICE, ” said Abdulbar. Convention Center is able to accommodate 2,000 people.

The fourth is to build 1,000 hotel rooms will be able to absorb 1,500 people as its workforce. They will be educated through the Institute of Tourism – Tourism Polytechnic that 15 hectares of land provided ITDC. Recruited students from neighboring communities start of the academic year 2016 using financing Community Development Partnership Program ITDC. ” If in two years the hotel building is completed, its workforce is ready, ” said Abdulbar.

There, the processing unit put sea water into fresh water. ITDC partnered with EBD Bauer United States through Mandalika Eco Water build a treatment plant for this process sea water in the Middle East, among others in Dahram, Ryadh, Bahrain, Turkey and the closest of Indonesia is in the Philippines. ” The engine of US $ 2 million has come. Enough for 10 five-star hotels, ” he said. The capacity is 3,000 cubic meters (m3) per second. Normally the hotel requires 300 m3.

Meanwhile, in order to meet the demand for electricity, Mandalika SEZ will include solar power (solar cell) which uses an umbrella to collect solar energy storage using electricity during the day and at night using LNG. ” We are working with Pertamina Renewable Energy, ” he said.

In Mandalika Resort, ITDC will share some zones corresponding local wisdom and predicate as a tourist destination halal. Master plan prepared starting from the hotel and MICE, Water Boom and entertainment zones and zones of economic activities children Golf. ” Also there Halal zone in the northern hemisphere this region, ” he said.

Minister for Economic Affairs inaugurated Oleochemical Plant PT Unilever Indonesia (UOI) located at Sei Mangkei SEZ.

North Sumatra (26/11/2015) – Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs inaugurated the factory PT Unilever Oleochemical Indonesia (UOI) located in Special Economic Zones (SEZ) Sei Mangkei. Also present at the event representatives from relevant ministries, the Governor of North Sumatra, Regent Simelungun, Board Muspida provincial and district, as well as officials of Unilever.President Director of Unilever Indonesia, Hemant Bakshi stated in his speech that the inauguration of this factory is Unilever’s commitment to continue to invest in Indonesia. In addition, as an important step to achieve the target of 100% procurement of palm oil certified and traceable.

OfficerUnilever Chief Executive Paul Polman also added that Unilever has a vision to grow the business doubled while reducing environmental impact and enhancing positive social impact for the community. The presence of UOI plant is expected to help the government grow the economy outside Java. As well as encouraging the growth of small and medium industries, create jobs, and improve the productivity of plantations in the region.

In his speech, the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Nasution also said that North Sumatra has assets and access to various resources world-wide value. “With all these resources, North Sumatra has the potential to become a world economic player,” said Nasution.

PT UOI is first and become an anchor investor in KEK Sei Mangkei. Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs KEK Sei Mangkei wished success to become driver and storefront SEZ development in other areas of Indonesia. He closed his speech by saying “Therefore, it still takes commitment, consistency and support of all parties, both government and the business community to the development of the SEZ for the welfare of the people”.

The event continued with the signing of the inscription PT UOI by the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Nasution and Unilever CEO Paul Polman. It is also characterized by playing traditional musical instruments of North Sumatra “Gondang”.

After the inauguration of PT UOI this, the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs went on a visit to review the development of the Integrated Area Port of Kuala Tanjung, as well as an examination of the development of the Port of Kuala Tanjung.

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